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Setting solution for decals Micro Set MI-1 More

Micro Set MI-1 is a setting solution for decals. Softens decals and improves adhesion, and can be useful as a decal remover.

Directions before using: 

1. Brush Micro Set (part one of this two step system) on the model where the decal is to be applied, then dip decal in water and slide off backing paper into position on the model.

2. Carfully brush more Micro Set on top of the decal.

3. Wait a few minutes for the decal to soften, then press the decal down with a piece of moist paper towel. Repeat as necessary, or use Micro Sol for more decal softening strength.

To remove decals: 

Brush Micro Set on the decal to be removed. Keep applying until the decal loosens, then rub off or lift the edge of the decal and peel off with the tip of a hobby knife. Works only on decals that have not been overcoated. 

Volume: 30ml

Watch short video about application: 


Manufacturer Microscale
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