Kit model vs. ready-made model car?

What is the difference between model kits and ready-made model cars? We actually have nothing to do with the finished model cars, since we receive them in a finished form and we only have to find a place for them, where we can then admire them at any time. These cars have already been assembled, painted and stickered in the factory where they are produced. Actually, we get them ready to place on the shelf. Well, almost.

Blog: Kit model vs. ready-made model car?

In the case of Formula 1 and other racing car models, the manufacturer may not place certain prohibited advertisements, such as the logos of tobacco companies, on the car. In this case, there are two possibilities. One is that the manufacturer chooses a race where the cars ran without tobacco advertising anyway due to the bans at the time (mainly British, French, German GP). Or the other option is that the prohibited advertisements are not placed on the car - but those surfaces are blank - and the decals are applied separately. Then it is up to the customer whether he will apply them later or not. However, not everyone likes to fiddle with it, which is why many cars remain "unfinished". However, it may be good news for such buyers that Tibormodel already has a service that allows these models to be delivered with already applied decals.

Motive of model making

In contrast, we have to build kit model cars from the basics. We receive a multitude of elements in a box, which, when we see them, we often can't even imagine how this will turn into a finished model car. Of course, there are different degrees of difficulty here too. There are kits where you just have to fit the elements together. It does not require gluing, painting or stickering. But real modeling is about doing everything ourselves. Cut the elements from the frame sheet and, if necessary, deburr the edges. Then, based on the attached description, we join and glue the elements step by step, and when that is done, then painting and finally stickering can come. Modeling is usually a lengthy, time-consuming process, for which we also need various aids during assembly. However, the finished work can fill the creator with satisfaction, since it is not a model car handed to him, but the work of his own hands. It's like being in the Ferrari factory, where cars are still assembled by hand to this day. It's just like that just in a small way.

Lotus 79 Tamiya

Can it be done without talent? 

Although model making is still very popular today and you can find many small and large communities on the Internet who devote themselves to this hobby, why is it that there is a much larger selection of ready-made model cars? This is a complex question about which studies could be written, but we will try to answer it briefly.

One reason is the complexity of this hobby. Just as, for example, not everyone has a lot of flair for mathematics, model making also requires certain skills if one wants to be really good at it. If someone wants to get into mode kit building, it's good to have some basic qualities. Among other things, good manual dexterity is essential, but patience, precision, creativity and the willingness to learn are also equally important. For many people, dexterity and patience tend to be the biggest obstacles to the whole thing, which is why they don't even try, but there is no problem with that, since we are not the same.

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Is it time-consuming to put together a model?

And aside from personal preferences, there are external things like time that are absolutely necessary for this hobby. In our fast-paced world, we have to meet more and more things. In addition to family, friends, work and other obligations, fewer and fewer people are able to spare enough time for their passion. And when time is tight, the first thing that tends to fall victim is the hobby. Many simply do not have enough time to indulge in such a time-consuming activity.

Like any hobby, model making has certain financial demands. It's no different with model kits. In addition, we also have to take into account that, in addition to the usually inexpensive model set, we also have to spend on several auxiliary devices. Of course, for most it is enough to invest only once, but even then there are costs involved. In addition, for model car enthusiasts, the level of detail in the vehicle can often be a critical consideration. For this reason, the question arises whether a kit can achieve the quality represented by a mass-produced, ready-made model car made with professional design and advanced technology. Model kits are difficult to put together perfectly and the cheaper versions are often not as detailed as the finished models of quality manufacturers, which faithfully reproduce even the finest details of the original vehicle. That is why many people choose ready-made models.

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Is the offer sufficiently broad?

Last but not least, there is the fact that demand determines supply, which means that if there are fewer people indulging in this hobby, then there is no need for as many sets of model kits. Manufacturers do not like to launch products on the market that will not be bought later. If there is a demand for ready-made model cars, it is no wonder that the supply of kit models is smaller. So, all of this contributes to the fact that mock-ups have been pushed further back compared to finished model cars in the recent period. While money, time, knowledge and energy have to be invested in modelling, which is not available to everyone in today's fast-paced world, ready-made model cars are, so to speak, a convenient and spectacular solution.

It is not our aim to talk the dear reader out of one or the other, because both collections have their own beauties. Of course, making models do not rule out collecting ready-made model cars. Rather, we just wanted to provide a little explanation of what is worth knowing about them and the reason why ready-made models are more in the spotlight these days. Although model kits are not currently available on, a wide selection of ready-made model cars is available.

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