Company Minichamps, that we know also as Paul´s Model Art GmbH nowadays produces metal models as well as resin ones. It is a reputable brand on the market, which is supported by the fact, that car manufacturers as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Prosche, BMW grant licences to produce official replicas for promo purposes. Inbetween collectors of Formula 1, Minichamps is the most represented manufacturer, they release the whole starting grid in scale of 1:43 and in scale 1:18 mostly monoposts of leading teams every year. You can find also many released motorbikes and figurines of Valentio Rossi and MotoGP, and for collectors of road cars they come up with novelties every week. For many collectors Minichamps means a reference when comparing models of other manufacturers, wether in terms of quality of design, details, packaging or price level.

(source:, own findings)