The Solido company was founded in 1932 by a Frenchman, Ferdinand de Vazeilles, who was then the director of a foundry in Nanterre. That's when he got the idea to use his know-how to take the opposite view from the toy manufacturers of the time. At that time, toys were mostly made of sheet metal. However, Ferdinand had the idea of making demountable cars made of metal (zamak*). The result was a solid, realistic and fun toy to play with. From a small team of ten people, the founder had to very quickly open a specialized factory for the production of models. The name Solido, which quickly stuck, reflected the strength of the toys while being easy to remember. So Solido quickly found success and became famous first in France, then in Europe and subsequently all over the world.

Until 2006, all models were produced in France at the factory in Oulins, but then the production was moved to China, where the models are produced till today. Currently, the group's portfolio also includes the brands OttOmobile, Z Models and GT Spirit.

Solido is also known for producing only metal models. Road car models have opening doors and often movable hoods and trunks. The portfolio is dominated by civilian road car models, along with motorsport disciplines such as rally, circuit cars, and military models.

In the past, however, they released Alain Prost's historic F1 models, namely the McLaren TAG-Porsche MP4/2B and MP4/2C. After a long break, they released the modern single-seater Renault RS18 in 1:18 scale without the pilot figure from the 2018 season. One year later, another Renault RS19 followed, but already supplemented with the pilot figure of Daniel Ricciardo. After that they  released Esteban Ocon from the 2020 British GP with a single-seater Renault RS20.

This was  followed by the first expansion of the F1 model portfolio to three Alpine A521 models from the 2021 season. The edition of the Portuguese GP with Alonso and Ocon was complemented by a third model in honor of the first victory of the Alpine brand in F1 at the Hungarian GP 2021. Based on the successes of these models, Solido decided to expand the range of F1 models from the 2022 season, with other teams, namely McLaren and Alfa Romeo. In 2023, we can look forward to up to 8 different models in a scale of 1:18.

Solido is the right choice for collectors who:

- prefer a metal model at an affordable price,
- like to add a specific type of road car in different paint finishes to their collection,
- collect trailer models and prefer 1:24 scale to 1:43 or 1:18,
- accept the work-out of the model and microdetails are not so important to them.

All announced model releases, as well as an archive of sold-out models, can be found on the official Solido website:

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*zamak is an alloy that consists of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper. Zamak is a non-ferrous alloy (does not contain iron). The name comes from the composition in the German language: Zink, Aluminium, Magnesium, Kupfer.

(source:, own knowledge)