The portfolio of F1 models is represented by models from 1950 to 1997. However, for collectors of classic single-seaters, GP Replicas brings many interesting models every quarter that no other manufacturer has released in the 1:18 scale in the past. Well-known brands such as Matra, Tyrrell, Brabham, Lotus, BRM, Cooper and many others.

GP Replicas models are produced exclusively from resin and in three scales: 1:43, 1:18 and 1:12. The interesting thing is the packaging: each model comes on a base, and in the case of 1:43 and 1:18 scales, an acrylic display case has also been included in the package for several years.

Every model they have released so far has had a limited edition, which is also shown on the plaque on the base. Most often, we come across loads of 500 pieces, but nowhere is the serial number indicated, or serial number of the given model. Particularly interesting are the re-editions, which mention each time a limited edition of 500 pieces, as we had in the example of the McLaren MP4/2 Niki Lauda 1984 model: the first edition was on a base with imitation carbon foil, the second edition was on a leather base, and the third edition on a leather base with a different texture and together with a display case, although in all cases the model had the same production code.

The quality of the work is getting better every year, GP Replicas seems to understand the criticism of collectors and strives for continuous improvement, that we can absolutely agree with. The first editions had a problem with incorrectly applied decals or even insufficiently glued parts. The current editions have many times more detailed and beautifully elaborated cockpit interior, engine part, tires and overall painting. The editions with driver figures are also worthy of praise, where the figures are nicely placed in the cockpit and proportionally correctly designed. In the case of iconic single-seaters such as the Ferrari 500 F2, Maserati 250F or Alfa Romeo 159 Alfetta, we also record removable hoods, and a beautifully designed engine compartment under them.

As one of the few manufacturers, it also supplies a set of decals with tobacco advertisements (Marlboro, John Player Special, etc.) to the models, which are intended for the given model and can be applied by collectors at their discretion. Here, however, we need to draw attention to the fact that in many cases the decals are with the wrong type of font, or incomplete decals. In the past, there were also situations when the given decal was not quite precisely designed and therefore exceeded the surface for which it was intended.

GP Replicas is the right choice for collectors who:

- prefer premium quality and details at a higher level
- do not have the possibility to obtain the given model from another brand, because it has been sold out for a long time without a planned reproduction
- prefer to replace the given model in the collection with a new one, because over time aesthetic defects appeared on older editions (yellowed decals, cracked paint, etc.)
- accept the car model originally released without the driver figure

All announced model releases, as well as an archive of sold-out models, can be found on the official GP Replicas website:

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